Make Echo Portable with Universal Charging Base!

Meet Echo-Fuel

Power Bank for Amazon Echo, Dot, Tap | Charges Phones, 2017 MacBook Pro, Tablets, Kindle | Include Cables: USB-C, iPhone & Micro-USB

Patented design that allows you to charge all models of Echo devices making them portable so that you can take them with you where ever you go!

One Power bank for all

Why carry multiple chargers, cables or battery packs when you can have one device for all? All the cables (Micro-USB, USB-C and iPhone cable) are neatly wrapped inside the cap that fits on the top of Echo-Fuel making it portable power bank that you can easily carry with you wherever you go!

Highest Quality

Echo-Fuel has the highest quality A+ grade Samsung or Panasonic cells with 10,000 mAh Capacity. At Qi-infinity, we specialize in developing power and charging solutions with years of experience.

Patented Smart Design

Echo-Fuel smart design automatically provides different voltages to power different devices. Smart IC maximizes charging speed based on the end device.

Charging Time

10,000 mAh capacity is enough to provide 6 hours of playback time for Echo, 15 hours for Dot and about 9 hours for Tap. It can also charge your Kindle 6 times, Phones about 3 times, iPad Mini 2 times and provide 4 hours of additional battery life for 2017 MacBook Pro!

Multiple Cables/Connectors included

Echo-Fuel comes with all 3 major types of cables to charge smartphones, tablets, e-readers, MP3 players and new USB-C laptops.


Echo Dot, Tap, Samsung Phones and Kindle requires Micro-USB cables.

Apple Lightning Cable

iPhone, iPad and iPod need Lightning cable.


Macbook Pro 2017, HP Spectre, Acer Aspire, Lenovo Yoga, Google Pixel, LG Nexus, OnePlus, etc.

How it works?

Design is very simple and intuitive that allows you to simply attach included adapter for each Echo device (Echo, Dot, Tap) and then just place it in the Echo-Fuel. For non-Echo Devices, just use the included cables/adapters to charge your phones, tablets and laptops!

Charging Amazon Echo
Charging Amazon Tap
Charging Amazon Echo Dot
Charging Phones, Tablets, USB-C Devices

What is Included in the Box?

  • Echo-Fuel Charging Base
  • iPhone,Micro-USB and Combo Cable
  • USB-C adapter
  • AC Wall charging adapter
  • Amazon Echo adapter
  • Echo Dot adapter
  • Echo Tap adapter

Evolution of Echo charger

Our Echo-Fuel team takes enormous pride in developing this solution. Seeing this idea go from prototype sketches on paper to 3D renderings to 3D printed models and finally to finished model has been incredible. For us, the journey has just begun!



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